Teams To Back Over 2.5 Goals System

The Teams To Back Over 1.5 Goals football betting system is a staking plan that makes money on teams whose matches have a good chance of having 2 goals or more scored in them.

With this football betting system you get a PDF for Download, that gives you a list of 55 teams from around the world whose matches consistently (85% to 95%) have Over 1.5 Goals in them. You will also receive a staking plan within your package, showing you how to maximise your profits in a safe and not risky way when backing these teams.

How Much Does The ‘Teams To Back Over 1.5 Goals System’ Cost? – It costs £12.00 + Vat to get the PDF Download with the list of teams to back whose games have 1.5 Goals or more in. You will also get the staking plan advising you how to back your matches within the system, and with this membership you will also get all upgrades and revisions added free of charge.

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Teams To Back Over 1.5 Goals

Is There A Risk Factor? – Yes, but it is very small risk. Included in your Download is the staking plan. As your betting bank grows, so does your staking and profits.

Is The Teams To Back Over 1.5 Goals System Value For Money? In my view, yes. Because it is so cheap to buy the Download with all the teams included, it is a bit of a no brainer for me. If you like betting on football, just having these stats available to you is very handy, and at only 12 quid, why wouldn’t you get it?

After all, you could spend hours of your live doing all this research, or you could just buy the PDF Download for £12.00 + Vat, and get all the information, and save a lot of hours of your life from being wasted.

Is Football Betting Experience Required To Use The Teams To Back Over 1.5 Goals System? – Definitely not. As it is a simple system with a simple staking plan, pretty much anybody can do it.

As long as you can sign up with a bookmaker and place a bet, you can easily use the Teams To Back Over 1.5 Goals football betting system.

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