The Essential Guide to Football Betting Analysis

We’ve seen the football betting industry evolve so much over the last few years thanks to new analysis technologies being added into the game on a regular basis.

Football predictions by fans make the game more exciting. Football analytics take the betting experience to a whole new level.

Football Betting Analysis
Doing your football betting analysis can help you win more often.

Most tipsters, punters, and traders usually analyse odds based on bookmaker’s history, price changes and opening odds for each football match.

Sites such as ESPN, NBC, BBC Soccerpunter, Sky Sports and many more provide statistics on performance and form of a team or player.

These sites create advanced analysis through recording facts and figures about a given team or player and then provide statistics that can help you place bets.

Football Betting Analysis Tools

A wide range of analytical tools are used to predict the outcome of a game before you even make a bet. The main aspects of sports betting analytics technology include:

    • Odds: Sports betting requires you to choose between many odds. Some websites usually provide live football odds such as fixed odds (1=home team win, x=draw, 2=away team win), total goals (over or under), correct scores, players to score, handicaps and much more. These odds are different and are what will determine the amount of money you’re likely to win.
    • League Tables: These provide essential information on the number of matches played, team ranking, goals scored and number of matches won, lost or drawn. These statistics allow for easy and practical betting in its simplest form.
    • Head-to-Head Stats: These statistics are vital in sports betting analytics. This is mainly because you’ll be comparing two teams and finding out which is stronger based on their previous matches. This can be a good indication that a given team has a tactical, physical and psychological advantage over its opponents.
    • Team Statistics: These help you get information about goal scorers, previous team form, squad and current competition results. Through this, you’re able to make better, more accurate bets.
    • Player Profiles: This is another important factor when making a sports betting decision. It includes player information such as shirt number, photo, height, weight, pass accuracy, shots on and off target, ball possession, tackles won/lost and much more.

Other aspects include type of competition (knock-out or league), match location (home, away or common ground), training experience, tactical ability, ball possession and many more.

Football Betting Match Analysis

After opening accounts with some betting outlets, learning their procedures and rules and after looking over your betting profile and risk, it’s time to pick games and place your bets.

Step By Step Guide

Below are steps that can help you analyse and place the best bets:

  • Get and overview: Find out what the sports betting site is offering. Use the internet to search for several sites that provide unique services such as odd comparisons, sign-up offers, free bets, trials and many more. It’s great to stay in the loop with the latest football betting news too, as you’ll get insider tips and knowledge that other people may not know.
  • Learn from existing betting offers: There’s sometimes no need to spend hours analysing a match before deciding whether or not to bet on it. Some sites will help you know more about the teams or players and make good bets without paying much attention to the odds. They’ve already come up with certain predictions that are just too good to ignore. Legacy games and thick competition for rival teams are a great way dip your fingers into the betting pool.
  • Go with your gut: Sometimes the best way of betting is to pick a team based on your previous knowledge of the teams involved. You may already have so much knowledge of the team and players that you have strong odds in your head that the game will go a certain way. It’s great to stick to what you know from time to time!
  • Use all analytical tools available: These tools are essential to anyone making a bet. They highlight simple things you may not have considered such as injuries, the type of match, match importance, type of league and many more. These small amounts of data all add up to an overall template for a decision to make on your bet.

Analysis tools are important. They help you make wise decisions when betting and save you so much time researching.

You want to get the most accurate statistics and make the best decision before placing any bet.

Be sure to do your research on the right betting company. The right tools and everything you need to make the most enjoyable, thrilling experience when playing. And most of all, good luck!

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