How Accumulator Generator Works

You may or may not have heard of a football betting system called Accumulator Generator, here we are going to show you how it works.

Even if you have heard of it, you might not know how it works. So I’m going to have a go at explaining it here.

What Is Accumulator Generator And How Does It Work?

The basic feature of Accumulator Generator is not to lose. This means that whatever happens, the only money that this football betting system will cost you, is the subscription money needed to purchase it.

Accumulator Generator Football Betting Systems That Work
How Accumulator Generator works and how to profit from football accumulator bets.

Saturday afternoon football accumulator bets are big business, and they also lose most of the time.

This is why the bookmakers are fighting for our business in this market place. It is incredibly lucrative to them.

Money Back If You Miss By One

To try and entice us to bet with them, the bookies offer us incentives. The most common incentive being Acca Insurance, also known as Money Back If You Miss By One.

Acca Insurance is just a gimmick from the bookies. So don’t be fooled by it.

What happens is that those generous bookmakers give us our money back – as a free bet – if only one team from out acca bet doesn’t win.

It’s from these free bets that Accumulator Generator makes it’s money though! I’m sure the bookies don’t like it. But as they offer it themselves, it’s their own fault if someone (us) exposes their gimmick!

The maximum free bets you can claim is up to £10 or £25 a time, depending on which bookmaker you are using.

The minimum number of teams you can have in your acca bet – to qualify for the free bet refund – is usually 4 or 5. Again, this depends on which bookmaker you use.

Accumulator Generator Acca Example

An example of how Accumulator Generator works is as follows. You find a bookmaker offering £25 acca insurance on a minimum of a 5-fold accumulator bet.

So you place £25 on your accumulator bet with the bookmaker. Then using the Accumulator Generator calculator, you work out how much money you need to lay (on a betting exchange) on all 5 teams of your acca bet.

This ensures that whether your acca wins or loses, you get your £25 (approximately) back.

So we have now established a way to place an acca bet, and lay it, to ensure we break even. No matter what the outcome.

This means that is zero, one, two, three or all five teams in your acca bet wins, you will get your money back, and break even (give or take a pound or two, either way).

But if 4 teams win, and only one lets you down, you will not only get your £25 back, you will also get a free bet of £25. It’s from that free bet that we make our money.

From a £25 free bet, you should be looking to make around £17 to £18 profit in cash. For this we use the matched betting technique.

So think how much money you could make if you keep on triggering the free bets.

You Won’t Lose Cash With Accumulator Generator

Accumulator Generator shows you how to place your acca bet in a way that means you won’t lose. It will also calculate your lay bets on the exchange, and it will show you how to cash in your free bets for maximum profit.

There is also a bet finder in the members area that finds accumulator bets for you.

You can find your own though, and that might be the best way to do things. If the bookmakers are following the system, they might close down accounts that only replicate the acca bets advertised on Accumulator Generator.

Accumulator Generator won’t win every time. You might be waiting four, five bets, maybe more, for a free bet to come along.

The most important thing to remember though, is that during a barren spell, you can’t go on a money losing run.

The system is designed not to lose you money. It shows you how to break even on your acca bets.

This is what makes Accumulator Generator one of our very few recommended football betting systems that work.

It is one of the best football accumulator betting strategies currently out there. If it doesn’t lose, then it can’t fail to win at some time and make you risk free money.

Accumulator Generator Trial – £1 For 14 Days

Taking advantage of a great new offer, using the Accumulator Generator Trial promotion, you can now purchase the system for just £1 + Vat, for 14 days.

This gives you the chance to try the system out and see if it suits you, before forking out.

If you decide to keep the system, then do nothing. You will be charged the remaining £98.99 + Vat at the end of the 14 day trial (it costs £99.99 + Vat in total).

While if you decide it’s not for you, then simply contact customer services, and cancel your order before the end of the 14 day trial.

This will ensure that all you get charged is your initial £1 + Vat, for the 14 day trial period.

This is a great offer, because if you are – understandably – reluctant to fork out one hundred quid on something you’re not sure of. Using this method, you can just pay a pound and try it out. Which isn’t a risk at all.

Using this offer, you will also discover how accumulator generator works for yourself.

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