Football Accumulator Betting Strategies

There as are various football accumulator betting strategies around, but finding a decent one can be hard work.

As well as the usual problems associated with finding decent honest betting systems, there is also the complications that come with football acca bets.

You have systems such as the rolling accumulator, and there are football accumulator tipsters as well.

So what are the best football accumulator betting strategies?

One of the best and most effective football accumulator betting strategies around is the Accumulator Generator system.

Using this strategy you can profit from football accumulators. One of the main reasons we think it is one of the most effective football betting accumulator strategies, is because it is a system that ensures you don’t lose.

Not losing is a major factor in any betting system. Having a system that haemorrhages money is extremely damaging. Most football betting systems will lose you money when you go on a losing streak.

This is what makes Accumulator Generator great. As when you go on a winless run, you just break even. As opposed to losing.

Try The Accumulator Generator Betting System Here For Just £1 + Vat

You can purchase Accumulator Generator here for just £1 + Vat, for 14 days. If you decide you don’t like the system, simply call up and cancel before the end of the 14 days.

If you like it and wish to keep it, simply do nothing and you will be billed the remainder of the subscription cost (£99.00 + Vat) at the end of the 14 days.

Accumulator Generator has devised a way to place your acca bets with bookmakers – who offer a refund if your acca bet misses by one – so that you don’t lose.

To explain in more detail, bookmakers offer acca insurance offers, also known as money back if you miss by one.

With these offers you get your money back as a free bet if only one leg/team of your accumulator bet lets you down. These free bets can be up to a maximum of £10 or £25, which is a lot of money.

football accumulator betting strategies That Work
Accumulator Generator is one of the most proven football accumulator betting strategies available

The Accumulator Generator betting strategy shows you how to place your acca bet in a way that it can’t lose. Then you sit back and hope that the acca misses by one. This then triggers a free bet refund of up to £10 or £25.

You can use this system with as many bookmakers as you like, and as many times as you like. The scope for earning from it is huge.

Just think how many times you can try to claim these free bets. There is enough football played for you to do this several times a day. Although I wouldn’t recommend you do it with the same bookmaker though, spread it around a bit).

An Example Of How Accumulator Generator Works

  1. You place a £25 bet on a 5 team acca with a bookmaker offering an acca insurance refund of £25.00
  2. Then cover your acca bet on a betting exchange, Accumulator Generator shows you how, and their betting calculator works out how much you need to bet to cover each match.
  3. You then sit back and hope that 4 out of the 5 teams win.
  4. So then what happens is, if 0, 1, 2, 3 or all 5 teams win, you break even. If 4 teams win, you break even, but also get a £25 free bet to use, which can easily be transferred into £17 to £18 in risk free cash. This is done using the matched betting method.

It’s that simple!

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