Betting Strategies That Work

Although we are a more of a website that caters for football betting systems that work, we are always interested in looking at general betting strategies that work and make money for us all.

One such betting strategy that works and is about as good as it gets, and is as close to guaranteeing risk free cash as you can get, is the matched betting/arbitrage method.

You can do matched betting /arbitrage yourself, but if you are a bit unsure, there are professional subscription services who will walk you through the process, making sure you don’t get it wrong.

They are…….

Bonus Bagging
Profit Accumulator
Pure Profits
Profit Maximiser
The reason why matched betting/arbitrage is a betting strategy that works is quite simple, and it’s because this method doesn’t involve risk. There is no gambling, no red or black, no lumping on the favourite, etc, etc.

There is absolutely no risk involved, with the minor except of human failure – and by that I mean, pressing the wrong button, or not carrying out the instructions properly.

Direct Link To Bonus Bagging
Bonus Bagging Betting System

If you’re new to matched betting / arbitrage, Bonus Bagging is an ideal way to get started. It is cheap to purchase – cashing in one free bet will pay for the system for life, and it deals with the basics of matched betting. Leaving the more complicated stuff until later on!

How it works is by taking the free bets that bookmakers offer us to open accounts, and the free bets that the bookmakers now offer us in an attempt to keep us (such as second place horses, or free bet offers on selected live football matches), and using the matched betting method to make risk free money.

Here is a simplified version of how matched betting works…….

You start off with £40
You open a bookmakers account offering a £20 free bet
To get the £20 free bet, you first have to place a qualifying £20 bet
You put your qualifying £20 bet on Man Utd to beat Arsenal at Even money (2.00)
You lay Man Utd (back them not to win) on a Betting Exchange for £20, this ensures you don’t lose your qualifying bet money of £20
The match finishes and Man Utd have won, you now have £40 in your bookmaker account, but have lost £20 on the betting exchange – so you still have the same £40 you started with
You now have a £20 free bet to use though, and you got it for free
You place your £20 free bet on Arsenal to beat Liverpool at Even money (2.00)
You then lay Arsenal on a betting exchange for £10 at Even money (2.00)
This means if Arsenal win, you get £20 back from the bookmaker, but lose £10 on the betting exchange, a profit of £10
If Arsenal lose or draw, you lose nothing with the bookmaker as it was a free bet, but you win £10 on the betting exchange, also meaning you make £10 profit
You now have £50 without even risking your money, and are on your way to making regular income from matched betting
So as you can see, you are guaranteed to make money using this method, the only way it can fail is if you do it wrong, human error!!

To get started, you can go round and round and open a new account with every single bookmaker in the business, then do it in your other halves name (although this can be risky, as a lot of bookies stipulate that you can only have one account for one house).

There is thousands of pounds to be made doing this, you can pay for a holiday, buy a new car, it really is achievable.

As I stated above, there are subscription companies that will walk you through this. The easiest one to use for free bets is Bonus Bagging, this is a simple process, and costs only £27 + Vat, other companies that do it are Pure Profit and Profit Accumulator.

You may well ask, what happens after I have opened all the bookmakers accounts, and used all the free bets?

This is where it starts to get a bit more complicated. Free bets are out there everywhere, there are free bet refunds if your horse comes second all over the place, free bet refunds if you back a winner at over 3/1, refund free bets on 0-0 draws in football, refund free bets if your football accumulator misses by one, etc, etc.

The tricky bit is that you are not guaranteed to get these free bets, and you sometimes have to go looking for them (although Profit Maximiser will find these free bets for you). Don’t move onto this stage though, until you have exhausted all the new account free bets.

Profit Maximiser Direct Link
Profit Maximiser Betting System

Once you have though, Profit Maximiser is ideal, as it will teach you how to find more free bets (it actually does it for you), risk free casino spins, bingo offers, etc, etc.

This service takes matched betting / arbitrage to a whole new level, and for some people, it is an actual 9-5 job – that’s how much money can be made using matched betting /arbitrage, if you are prepared to put the work in.