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Welcome to football betting systems that work. Here it is our aim to bring you football – and general – betting strategies that work, and make plenty of money for visitors to this website.

For any football betting system to work, it first and foremost has to make you money – otherwise what is the point of it?

You may rightly ask “how can a football betting system claim to work, when there are so many things that can happen to influence a football match?” For example, a referee’s decision, a deflected goal, etc, etc. These are all things that can influence a game and ruin the best made plans of any football betting system.

To get around these issues we use a selection of differing football betting systems. Doing this, we are trying to take the result out of the equation. For example, Accumulator Generator is a risk free system that makes money from free bets, it is essentially a matched betting system. This means that we don’t require teams to win to profit.

Best Football Betting Systems

Accumulator Generator
Pre Match Trading
Assured Soccer Profits
Over 2.5 Goals

Football Betting Systems That Work

Pre Match Trading makes money on the betting exchanges, before a ball is kicked. This means again, it doesn’t matter who wins, as you have profited before the match even starts. Assured Soccer Profits trades the Correct Score market on Betfair, and is results dependent. The Over 2.5 Goals system depends on goals being scored.

So as you can see there is a decent amount of versatility in our recommended football betting systems. We believe this covers a lot of bases, and offers football bettors of all persuasions something. Below we take a look at our recommended football betting systems that work in more detail.

Accumulator Generator

The Accumulator Generator system makes money from the free bets you get when your acca loses. The trick is too place as many accumulator bets as possible, cover them on the Betfair betting exchange to break even, and then sit back and hope to trigger as many free bets as possible.

It’s from the free bets that the money is made. So for example, you place a 5 team acca bet with Paddy Power, you then lay your bets on Betfair to make sure you don’t lose money. You then hope that 4 out of the 5 teams win, triggering the free bet.

Accumulator Generator shows you the method of how to place your accumulator bet in a way that doesn’t lose. It can also find you the accumulator bets to place. It almost does all of the work for you.

Using the Accumulator Generator trial, you can give it a road test for just £1.00 + Vat for 14 days. You then have two choices. You can cancel inside the 14 days, or automatically get billed the remainder of the subscription at the end of the 14 days. This is a one off payment.

Accumulator Generator Football Betting Systems That Work
How to profit from football accumulators

Pre Match Trading

Another relatively risk free, and one of our football betting systems that work is Pre Match Trading. Also known as PMT, Pre Match Trading finds misaligned prices on the Betfair Betting Exchange.

Users of this system get access to the software that finds these misaligned prices. You also get access to the chat room, where there is like minded members all trying to achieve the same. So you get their alerts as well.

The PMT software will spot things like 2-1 getting backed in, and Over 2.5 goals not getting backed in. This means that you can go and back Over 2.5 goals, as you know it will have to shorted to keep up with 2-1 getting backed. It also spots the reverse, ie, Over 2.5 goals getting backed in, allowing you to back 2-1, knowing that the odds on this scoreline will also shorten.

You then sit back, wait for odds to shorten, and lay the bet for risk free profits. All before a ball is kicked.

Pre Match Trading Football Betting Systems That Work

Assured Soccer Profits

This betting system does carry a loss risk. It is a system for patient gamblers who are happy to gradually accumulate small amounts of money, rather than those looking for the big win.

Also known as ASP, Assured Soccer Profits trades the correct score market on the Betfair betting exchange. It involves placing lay and back bets at certain periods in a match, or pre kick off.

You can go through periods of winning on nearly every match using ASP, but one losing match can wipe out a few matches worth of profits. The idea is that over a long period of time, you will profit.

The system shows you how to select your matches. This is crucial, as bad match selection is what basically costs you here. If you pick the wrong matches, you will be in trouble. Pick the right matches, and you will profit nicely from this.

Assured Soccer Profits Football Betting Systems That Work

Over 2.5 Goals

Like with ASP above, the Over 2.5 Goals system can lose. This is pretty much a ‘does what it says on the tin’ football betting system.

For your cash you will get a list of teams whose matches consistently have 3 goals or more scored. You will also get a staking plan, and any subsequent updates. The staking plan is key, if you follow it you can absorb losing bets. Ignore the staking plan, and it will cost you.

The system costs £20.40 in total. This is a one off payment, and included in that is any updates to the list.

Teams To Back Over 2.5 Goals Football Betting System


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